The Requirements for Wedding Photography

During wedding photography the risk of something going wrong is massive. The fact that you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time can be stressful as there are millions of very unique moments passing away in every second. I can posses equipment worth thousands of pounds and read hundreds of books, but if I will not follow three crucial points I will most probably fail and ruin the pictures. So why is this so important?
Firs of all a good relationship with the bride and the groom. In my opinion without this the whole day can be a disaster. Developing good contact with them allows both sides feel comfortable and this straight away leads to a less stressful and fast shooting. Getting to know what kind of pictures are most important for them is also important. Of course the reportage style wedding works very well in every case, but possibility of having some posing pictures is worth considering and this kind of pictures are very often neglected, but their value increase over the years.
The second very important point is to know the place of the venue. How to get there, what kind and quality of light there will be at the time and where to gather people together if group shoots will be taking place?

Those requirements are crucial for successful wedding reportage. They are also very easy to achieve especially for someone passionate about this job. The person which is not a guest of the wedding, not a family member of the bride, but a person who is a wedding photographer.