The Sense of the Session

A couple of words about the wedding which I photographed in Poland. The big day started off with the preparation in the beauty studio. Some nice shots were taken there. During the ceremony and the party, everything was fine and lots of beautiful moments has been captured. The second day after the wedding we arranged a session in the park nearby. Places like this can add fabulous effects and really make the pictures look outstanding. We managed to capture the nature of the place. Somehow arranging a session after the wedding is a good idea. Taking pictures in unique environments has a lot of impact. It's also the last occasion to show the expensive wedding dress and have a use of it (hopefully the last occasion). The ideas that you can convey are endless and can even involve destroying the dress.
Before considering it an option of having such a session, it’s always worth to think about sense of it and have in mind different options. For example carefully selected places around the church or even on the street nearby, could be a great location for outstanding portraits or some prearranged action shoots. It all should take no more than ten to fifteen minutes. The best time is just before the ceremony. The big advantage of this is that the pictures taken on the wedding day and everything on them are part of the wedding and there is no problems with finding a place, drive there or gaining permission for entering someone’s property. The choice is always in the bride and grooms hands and if a particular place means
a lot to them, the sense of creating a separate session is a very desirable option.